Saturday, February 14, 2015

Steve Hudgeons of MUFON on the "Roswell Slides"

Steve Hudgeons is the Director of Investigations for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an organization that is not exactly a paragon of skeptical thinking, as can be seen by the fact that it employs the likes of John Ventre and Roger Marsh in leadership positions (where they serve as de facto public spokespersons), and by the organization's involvement in the ridiculous television series Hangar 1. In short, MUFON is an organization that buys into the extraterrestrial hypothesis hook, line and sinker, no matter how much they might claim to pursue a scientific and objective stance when it comes to looking into UFOs. So while Hudegons might be a more reasonable sort than Ventre or Marsh, it's important to remember that in MUFON reasonableness is a sliding scale... it's like marking on the curve. The point is that Hudgeons is a key leader of an organization that is intellectually and institutionally committed to the notion that space aliens have visited Earth, and that a spaceship crashed near Roswell in 1947. He himself adheres to these beliefs. In short, he is part of the key foundational target market for the purveyors of the Roswell "slides".

Which makes what he wrote about the Roswell "slides" in a series of recent posts on the MUFON Facebook page most interesting:
two items red flag me……one it is “blurred" is looking at the camera........
- not the eyes….the head… pointed toward the camera.....that alone is a dead give away that it is fake to me
- you dont TOUCH an alien body…….unless you are well covered
- you dont pose an alien body for a camera…… photo what you have…as it want a different move the camera
- humans are not….special………a dead alien dont move them around
- a dead alien body will be frozen away out of any sunlight
- if you are of the opinion that this is real…..great…tell me why you think so
- if this is real…..great......
- also of note………look at the mouth…….this mouth is open.........all witnesses of Greys say the mouth is a small slit
- can you show me ONE witness that says the Alien they saw was ready to eat a foot long hotdog?
- Im not saying Aliens in general are non existant …I am saying that IMO this photo is fake
[editor's note - all typos are from the original text]
It is important to note that Hudgeons doesn't say that the slides couldn't represent aliens because there is no evidence that aliens have never visited Earth (which is what a hard-core skeptic might lead off with) - indeed, as is clear from the exchange, he not only believes that aliens have visited Earth, but that they have crashed here, that the government has retrieved their bodies, and that there are procedures and protocols in place for handling those bodies.

In short, here you have a guy who is absolutely committed to the belief that the government is hiding alien bodies from the crash of a spaceship in 1947... and even he doesn't buy the Roswell "slides" story!

For anyone still wondering why the Dream Team hooked up with Jaime Maussan and is taking their dog-and-pony show to Mexico City in May, here is your answer in a nutshell - because they are so far out of the mainstream within pro-ETH, pro-Roswell American ufology that even someone like Steve Hudgeons can see that it's all bogus.

As Bart Simpson would say: "Ay caramba!"

Paul Kimball


BoyintheMachine said...

I'm actually very pleased that it appears that much of the UFO community is not buying into the slides being that of an alien. I'm not sure if Carey and Don realize that after getting their cherry popped with the alien autopsy fiasco that many are no longer as naive and innocent as they once were.

Loki said...

Actually, Bart Simpson would place an anonymous phone call to Dream Team HQ, which would be answered by their head bartender, Tom Carey.

Bart would excitedly say that he needed to talk to Hugh Jass about a Roswell evidence breakthrough, and Carey would get on the DTHQ PA system and say "I'm looking for a ....."

Loki said...

...though I still consider the "Dream Team" more refective of the cast of "Trailer Park Boys" than "The Simpsons"

Paul Kimball said...


Not just the AA film... also Kaufmann, Dennis, Schmitt, MJ-12, Gerald Andersen, Bob Lazar (inextricably linked to crashed flying saucers), and on and on and on. Anyone still naive enough to buy into what the Roswell promoters are selling is more than just naive - they are for all intents and purposes brain-dead.


Paul Kimball said...

Well played, Norse god of mischief. :-)

Loki said...


..methinks the Tony doth protest, too much..