Friday, February 20, 2015

Walter Haut & Glenn Dennis - The Roswell UFO Museum and Stan Friedman

Stepping away from the "slides" imbroglio for a bit, but remaining with Roswell, here is a clip from an interview I conducted with Glenn Dennis and Walter Haut in 2001 wherein they discuss the Roswell UFO museum and their relationship with Stan Friedman.

Paul Kimball


Loki said...


A little research shows that the third member of the Roswell Crash Body Witness Trinity was one Frank Kaufmann, who it seems lived to 2001:

Did you manage to get an interview with him (even though his main promoter Randle distanced himself in 2002)?:

If so, it might be informative to compare Kaufmann's "claims" with those of Dew, Carey, and Bragalia.

Paul Kimball said...

Never interviewed him... I think he passed away before I started filming the Friedman doc in 2001. It wouldn't have mattered, though - his story was bogus, and that was apparent to anyone paying attention. And then there's Randle... who has a very, very long history of getting things wrong about Roswell, and then trying to back away from previous positions.*


* To be fair, he has gotten other things - abductions and mutilations, for example - right... but on Roswell he is an egregious example of the will to believe trumping common sense. The "slides" are the latest example of that, and perhaps the worst, as he told me in 2013 that he was convinced they were bogus, but he would not say so publicly.