Friday, February 13, 2015

BREAKING NEWS - "Roswell Slides" in Shocking Video Footage

A secret source of mine within the NSA just sent this above top secret video clip of one of the aliens from the Roswell slides group - apparently one died in the crash, but his co-pilot survived and was integrated into American society without anyone in the general public knowing it. 


Paul Kimball


Terry the Censor said...

The Super Friends broke the story in 1981, Paul, with a segment simply titled "Alien Mummy."

(I suffered the indignity of editing subtitles for a recent DVD release of this episode.)

Loki said...


One of my favorites. (I have the all episodes on DVD plus the final TV movie).

I see it as the real inspiration behind 'The Imitation Game', what with the Tanner family successfully covering up the Alien living in their garage, much as Bletchley kept Enigma a secret for decades.

...or maybe I'm wrong?

GordonShumway said...

Yo, Paully!!!

I expect residuals from this!

Paul Kimball said...

The cheque is in the mail, Gordo... so long as you keep your paws off the cat!