Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Reminder of Anthony Bragalia's Hypocrisy

Read here for a reminder about Anthony Bragalia's previous position on the anonymity of elderly alleged Roswell witnesses. The comments section is illuminating as well, as Bragalia happily takes kudos for his work.

A quote:
This author has identified and located Annie Jacobsen’s anonymous source. I have also decided, after much consideration, to “out” him. In this article I will openly name him. I have also contacted him very recently. He reluctantly spoke with me for some time. 
David Rudiak wrote in the comments: "You are to be congratulated for figuring out Jacobsen's source and interviewing him, even though he told you bupkis."

I would expect to see Mr. Rudiak offer the same congratulations here... but I won't hold my breath.

Meanwhile, I trust that everyone can now see Mr. Bragalia for the base and delusional hypocrite that he really is.

Paul Kimball


Bruce Duensing said...

The role that Tony has taken on as a cop with legal authority is just too weird. The drama volume control knob needs to be turned down..maybe muted, or it's short circuited already. When going off on a bender, one should not be bothered with trifles.

Terry the Censor said...

I must commend Rudiak for showing record levels of doubt about the slides. He was neutral at first (an unusual position for him) and has become increasingly open to expressing his skepticism.

Considering he was an insider, getting a sneak peek at one slide, this progression is remarkable. To me, Rudiak's consistent reasonableness is a bellwether: the sliders have comported themselves so poorly, they have alienated even the most ardent buffs.