Saturday, September 07, 2013

Rev. Kyle Wagner on The Other Side of Truth

My good friend Rev. Kyle Wagner, the Anglican rector for Seaforth Parish in Nova Scotia, joined me this week for a wide-ranging conversation about faith, spirituality, the nature of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, whether or not there is evil in the world, how and why the Church still engages in exorcisms, what happens to us after death… and some paranormal topics as well, including ghosts, the prospect of extraterrestrial life (whether here on Earth as visitors or “out there” among the stars) and how it might affect our view of ourselves and our relationship with God, and Kyle's own personal spiritual awakening.
Kyle has a Bachelor’s Degree in history and political science from Mount Allison University, and a Masters of Divinity from the Atlantic School of Theology. His occasional blog can be found here.
This episode was recorded on 4 September, 2013.
Download this episode directly here, or listen to it at The Other Side of Truth podcast here.
Paul Kimball

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