Monday, September 30, 2013


This clip from the Larry King Show in 1997 is worth watching for those who want to see how little has really changed when it comes to Roswell. Of course Kevin Randle still holds the view that an alien spacecraft crashed, despite watching just about every witness he was promoting in 1997 turn out to be compromised in some way or another (usually by not telling the truth), but that's like watching a prospector who has been digging for gold at the same site for years keep trudging out every day in the hope that his luck will turn around. 

My favourite part of the tete-a-tete comes at the beginning, where Klass correctly points out Randle's very selective quotation from the famous Twining letter. As cherry-picked by Randle and his fellow saucerologists, the selective quote was used to buttress the claim that UFOs are alien spacecraft. But as Klass pointed out, they were taking the quote out of its full and proper context. 

The real problem is that Randle tried to have his cake and eat it too, something which people should recognize as a familiar pattern, when he stated that the memo was only "Secret" so of course it couldn't have gotten into all the details. But then why quote it at all... or at the very least, why not quote it in full and let the reader / listener decide? 

The answer is simple - for the same reason that some of the shadier religious figures throughout history have selectively quoted from the Bible. Their purpose is not to enlighten, inform or encourage people to seek the truth; it is to advance their own agenda, some of which relates to commercial interests, and some of which relates to their egos, and some of which relates to their will to believe - it varies with the saucerologists. The commonality, however, is that they have played fast and loos with the fact from the beginning, and will only tell people what they want them to hear. 

That continues to this day. 

Paul Kimball

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Terry the Censor said...

The best bit is where Kevin asserts the SECDEF might not have clearance to see the Roswell debris (starts at 3:00). I don't know his position on that now but it certainly shows that, at the time, his fluid intake included huge volumes of cherry Kook-Aid.