Thursday, June 09, 2011

Roswell Solved!!

Now that I have your attention...

The choice is yours. Join the team and help Tim and I start a new conversation about what the UFO phenomenon might be, and how it might impact us... or keep talking about things like Roswell, and "disclosure", and government cover-ups. As noted in the previous post, about Bergman and Bay, it's the difference between simply being a consumer of a product (and if you don't think Roswell etc. is a "product", then you should probably move along now...), and being a participant in the creation of something new.
"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones." - John Cage
It's up to you.

Paul Kimball


cda said...

Yes Roswell is solved.
Now try Papua, New Guinea, June 1959
Piece of cake isn't it?

Paul Kimball said...


I think you missed my point, but that's okay.


cda said...

No I saw your point. You Americans are so often fixated on prominent US cases (apologies if you are Canadian). Rarely do you consider strange cases from elsewhere, especially backward countries (known as 'developing countries' in polite parlance).

There is no real need to spend time on the case I mentioned. It is over 50 years old now, but it has aspects that seemingly defy reality and exercise the mind. What's more it has no 'cover-up' or dotty conspiracy ideas attached to it, nor was anyone abducted. It involves simple people in a simple land. It provides a useful escape route from the more mundane and tiresome ufology we hear so much about.

I presume your point was to encourage us to move on, to think more widely from the narrow confines of our overrated and over-discussed UFO incidents.

Paul Kimball said...

Actually, my point was to stop discussing UFO cases, period. Roswell, the Father Gill sighting, the RB47 case, Shag Harbour... any of them. Nobody is going to "solve" them to everyone's satisfaction (Roswell being the perfect example), and there is enough "evidence" out there for us to say we don't need anymore - we can draw a reasonable conclusion that there is an objective reality to the UFO phenomenon, whatever that might be. Therefore, there is no longer any use in examining these old cases (other than as a way for believers and disbelievers to continue their "dance") - rather, what we should be doing is discussing the possibilities that they might represent (key word there: possibilities), and what that might mean for us. That is never going to happen if people stay fixated on individual cases, no matter how interesting they might be - it's akin to trying to understand the causes the of the Second World War by examining the acts of individual statesmen, or particular economic decisions, or particular incidents. Futile.

But I know that you Irish folk (or are you English) might view things differently, so c'est la vie. ;-)