Friday, June 17, 2011

Beyond Best Evidence - 24

The final twenty-four hours of the Indie Go Go fundraising campaign for Beyond Best Evidence are upon us, and while we're well short of our goal (an understatement), we're still plugging away!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, or may contribute in the final hours.  Thanks as well to everyone who has plugged the fundraising campaign! Tim Binnall and I are going to make a great film, even if it now takes a bit longer to pull it together. If you want to hear what it's all about, I recommend the current episode of Binnall of America, where Tim and I discuss it at length.

And now, because I'm a huge Paul McCartney fan, I leave you with a favourite song of mine - Macca at his cheekiest.

"Hmm..." some may wonder. "Is Paul trying to convey some hidden message, or deep meaning, or something else, with this selection?"

Nope. It just rocks and rolls, which for me is always more than enough.

Paul Kimball
aka the Mongoose of Ufology


Red Pill Junkie said...

Perhaps if you had promised that the documentary would open with a musical number featuring your uncle Stanton and Jacques Vallee doing the cha cha surrounded by a bunch of voluptuous Venusian babes, we *might* have seen a better response from the tinfoil-hatters? ;)

Or maybe Greg Bishop impersonating Criswell a-la Plan 9 From Outer Space? we could ask Nick to convince his friend Raven Meindel to play the part of Vampira --now THAT would have attracted the moolah :P

The mongoose will come out triumphant in the end.

Kandinsky said...

Hiya Paul, I listened to the Binnall show today and enjoyed it. It's cool that you've thrown shit to the wind and just say what you're thinking about.

The points made by you and Tim about classic UFO cases is pretty much where my mind is at too. I regard some of the BOA podcasts as an oral history of 'ufology' and important in the scheme of things. They underline some of the best cases and researchers whilst acknowledging how 'ufology' has been spinning its wheels for decades.

Interviewing philosophers for the movie can only add weight to the credibility of the subject. At the very least, it steps away from the standard format of Bikini Atoll, STS footage and the same old ufologists parroting the same old shit.

Eva said...

Hi, interesting blog you have. I found you by a link from The UFO Iconoclast(s).

DyingSun said...

Sorry for my last inappropriate comment, a night out drinking does that to you.
Anyhow, the song title rings a bell here, a good one at that.
Many unsung heroes out there still.