Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Radio Misterioso - Creativity and Synchronicity

Here's the PG-rated version of this past Sunday's Radio Misterioso show with Greg, Walter Bosley and yours truly. Greg describes it thusly:
RM friend and supporter Paul Kimball returned for a live appearance on June 5th. Walter Bosley was also with us as we talked about our writing projects, the creative process, and tried (without success) to stay away from the UFO subject. The after a few minutes, we seemed to hit a groove and the conversation ranged from Paul’s favorite L.A. authors to the origins of and interaction with non-human intelligence. We also touched on Paul’s opinions of some trends (or lack thereof) in the UFO field. We kept returning to the theme of Kimball’s recent run of coincidences and/ or synchronicities and whether they were purely internal, external or recursive with perceived reality (or all three). Another important theme was the Very Sad Monkey and whether he was actually sad or just having a bad day.
You can listen to the episode here.

Paul Kimball


Dia Sobin (Araqinta) said...


Thought you might be interested in this bit from F. David Peat's "Synchronicity - The Bridge Between Matter and Mind":

"As Jung had earlier pointed out, it is the nature of synchronicity to have meaning and, in particular. to be associated with a profound activation of energy deep within the psyche. It is as if the formation of patterns within the unconscious mind is accompanied by physical patterns in the outer world. In particular, as psychic patterns are on the point of reaching consciousness then synchronicities reach their peak; moreover, they generally disappear as the individual becomes consciously aware of a new alignment of forces within his or her personality.

Synchronicitics are therefore often associated with periods of transformation: for example, birth, deaths, falling in love. psychotherapy. intense creative work, and even a change of profession. It is as if the internal restructuring produces external resonances, or as if a burst of "mental energy" is propagated outward into the physical world."


Red Pill Junkie said...

So where can we find the NC-17 rated version with the 3 Vegas escorts? ;)

Man, that poor ape... it makes me think if we wouldn't be better off *not knowing* the truth about the UFO phenomenon. My sisters are always reproaching me whenever I say they're like sheep not knowing they're being led to the butcher's house; but maybe a little ignorance is what makes life bearable...