Thursday, June 16, 2011

After Disclosure - Update 16/06/11

So... there's a hockey game in Vancouver (7th and deciding game of the Stanley Cup finals), and the home team loses, and rioting breaks out in the city.

Clearly, humanity is ready for "disclosure" or "contact".

Paul Kimball


Beth said...

Haha, good point. And yet, I also think that disclosure and contact is inevitable, and as bad as humanity might initially react, humanity will also adjust.

Michael CP said...

Wow, never would've expected that kind of thing in Canada. Here in the UK yes but thought you guys had more sense!

Paul Kimball said...


Soccer hooligans have nothing on hockey hooligans, particularly in Vancouver, a city that has seen this kind of thing before.


That's the problem with the "disclosure" crowd's way of thinking - they assume that we would adjust. I think it just as likely - and perhaps more likely - that we would not adjust, and destroy ourselves. Human history backs me up on that...


purrlgurrl said...

There is nothing to disclose other than that the governments and militaries of the world are baffled and helpless in the face of a phenomenon they don't understand. They stonewall because they have no answers. They stonewall because they've used the phenomenon to cover up their own covert activities.

The human species seems to constantly need reassurance that somebody somewhere knows what's really going on (the impetus behind all conspiracy theories).

But really, the more likely scenario is that nobody knows the whole truth about UFOs. Of course, that uncomfortable information makes the universe a far scarier, more random, unpredictable, and uncontrollable place, and if announced, would be far more disturbing and cause more havoc than a UN press release announcing Reptilians are here.

So, for those pushing for "disclosure", maybe you should let it go. The truth might be something you really don't want to hear.

purrlgurrl said...

BTW, hockey has always seemed to be a blood sport. I grew up in Chicago and well remember the violence of Blackhawks' fans at their home games. Fist fights would break out in the stands and on the street after a game, the crowd would regularly scream for "blood on the ice", and beer cans and other trash got tossed on the ice in the hope of tripping an opposing player. I always thought the glass around the rink was to protect the players from the crowd, not the other way around.