Friday, May 16, 2008

The Decline of Serious UFO Research

As of late, I have come in under fire by certain lonely killjoys on the Internet, who clearly have nothing better to do with their time (like actual research) for seemingly combining research into UFOs with having a good time (aka "partying"). Oh, how I wish all of the rumours about me were true. Alas, not so much... although I did have a fair number of Stella Artois at ye olde local watering hole last night.

What's even more laughable is that he accuses me of "womanizing", presumably because I've given young Brittany Babakioff an opportunity to meet people like Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern who work in a subject she's interested in, and I've helped open a few doors with people in the UFO community for her, i.e. Stuart Miller at Alien Worlds, and I will hopefully be employing her in a research capacity sooner rather than later for future film projects (she's that good, folks). Shame on me for trying to get young people, especially women, involved in UFO research. I should be tarred and feathered! As for the lonely killjoy, I would say that he should apologize to Brittany, but he's not the apologizing kind (just ask Alfred Lehmberg, whose music can be heard below)... and Brittany has no idea who he is anyway (which makes her a member of a very large group of people).

However, even if I was partying up a storm here, there and everywhere, I doubt that serious UFO research would crumble - even I don't have a big enough ego to think that what I do or don't do could have that kind of impact!

But the aforementioned lonely killjoy's posts aren't really about UFO research, serious or otherwise - rather, they are simply the same old trolling that he has indulged in, both within the UFO research community and in other areas, for years now. Don't be fooled into thinking he has the best interests of UFO research at heart... as always, it's all about him. Once you know that, however, you can have some fun with him, because his responses are always so predictable! As a British friend of mine says, like a toy robot, the lonely killjoy is easy to "wind up"... although like a toy robot, he never really does anything different, which means that after a while you get tired of him, and move on to something more interesting. Then one day you remember that you have this toy robot in your drawer, and that it might be fun to wind it up and watch it go again, at least for a little while, until it gets boring again (note: my apologies to all toy robots everywhere for making this analogy).

Mind you, there are party animals related to UFOs. For example...

Now, if you don't have a sense of humour, you probably won't find this clip funny. Too bad for you, because I think it's hilarious (hat tip to my uncle Hollis Kimball for the lead).

I just hope that by posting it I haven't destroyed serious UFO research. ;-)

Paul Kimball


RRRGroup said...

Now, now Mr. Kimball...

Don't be too offended. The observations are mere opinion, but true.

(You need to seek out the definition of "womanizing" which isn't necessarily pejorative.)

Being "lonely" seems to cause some persons to "attack" those they envy, persons who seem to be having a grand time, but who disregard, for whatever reason, the perception they leave with others - lonely souls and not-so-lonely souls.

Your views of the "lonely soul(s)" are not misplaced, just a bit superficial.

I think the person(s) you make reference to is/are just a looking for an answer to UFOs and upset that they can't find it in your bailiwick.

Be magnanimous, and overlook the crazy bloke.


Alfred Lehmberg said...

"But for those who think there’s something serious going on, within the human condition, and that UFOs may be a part of that, then the UFO happy-crowd should be ignored or avoided.

Wassa matter Richie? Got your thong in a twist, your panties in a bunch or your weenie in a snit?

Well, buckle-up you moron, you're everything despised! Yes, begone you prolapsed piss-wit! Just be off! Go wax your thighs!

See, you are a dodgy fudge-ball and not remotely funny. Too, you owe profuse apology, and damn-it, owe me money!


There, I trust that took care of "Bitchy Richie" for a turn.


Paul Kimball said...

(You need to seek out the definition of "womanizing" which isn't necessarily pejorative.)

Typical lonely killjoy - trying to claim that something which was clearly meant to be pejorative, given the context in which it was used, is in fact not.

Sadly predictable from the toy robot, who should really try harder next time.

As to the perception I leave with others, I couldn't care less. That's their problem, not mine... although I should add that you seem to be the only one who has the perception of which you have written lately.


P.S. I wouldn't try playing the "victim" role. Like Kal Korff, you're just not suited for it.

RRRGroup said...

PK and AL:

You don't get it do youse...

Self-awareness is lacking on the part of some, and RR isn't in that group.

Stay tuned. It will all be made clear sooner than later.


Paul Kimball said...

Oh gee... I can hardly wait.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Oh yes, someone pinch me, I'm all kaffuful and in a conniption of dreadful anticipation.

Sakes and sputniks!

Richie -- you are the penultimate mal-aware, neatly trumping a petulant self-awareness of which you can in no way be proud.

Reality twisted through your obnoxious filters is a revolting soulessness dry as the dust in the casket of your inauspicious reputation.

You are a liar, Sir, a betrayer of consideration extended to you, a thief of confidence and a scourge to the aggregate intellecy, in my opinion, you churlish lack-wit, amen.

Step up or step off.


RRRGroup said...


YOu misuse and misunderstand the word "penultimate."

But you misunderstand lots of things, and corrupt truth with your slovenly use of words and your blustery asides.

A reckoning (of you) is sorely needed.


Alfred Lehmberg said...

"Next to last," you fatuous moron, indicating one more maladaptive thing you trail on, inadequately, pitiably, and lamentably.

Jeez Reynolds, time to switch out thumbs, you know?

C'mon, boobie. Liar! Cheat! Scalawag! Slanderer! _Reckon_ with me!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am interested in serious ?UFO research. Until recently I have been working and bringing up 2 children single handed. I am a qualified nurse in the UK, so I do not want to join a group who merely play at this and use dubious methods. I want to be involved in real research.
Hope you can help
Linda Steel UK