Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Condon Effect And The Need For Scientific Research Into The UFO Phenomenon

Yours truly talking about a brief conversation at a Christmas party I had with Geoff Regan, at the time a Canadian cabinet minister, and how I used the opportunity to talk to him about real UFO evidence, a few top cases, and the history of Canadian governmental interest in UFOs, and why it stopped in the late 1960s (what I call "The Condon Effect"). One note: the last question about UFOs asked in the House of Commons was in the 1970s, not the 1960s as I mistakenly stated at Retro UFO 3. Hey - nobody's perfect!

Expanding on the ending of my clip, the late Carl Sagan, who was a great communicator and in many ways a visionary, had it absolutely right in this clip when he talked about how scientific research should be viewed by the people who fund it.

I absolutely agree with Sagan, although like Dr. Peter Sturrock I would extend his wisdom beyond the parameters that Sagan set, to include further scientific research into the nature of the UFO phenomenon.

Paul Kimball

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