Saturday, May 17, 2008

Faith-based Ufology

Memo to: UFO believers and disbelievers
From: Paul Kimball
Re: UFOs and faith

Just a short excerpt from an article titled "The Air Force and the Scientific Community" written by that notorious "apologist ufologist" Dr. J. Allen Hynek for The Saturday Evening Post back on December 17, 1966:

The question of UFO's has developed into a battle of faiths. One side, which is dedicated to the Air Force position and backed up by the "scientific establishment," knows that UFO's do not exist; the other side knows that UFO's represent something completely new in human experience. And then we have the rest of the world, the great majority of people who, if they think about the subject at all, don't know what to think.

The question of whether or not UFO's exist should not be a battle of faiths. It must be a subject for calm, reasoned, scientific analysis.
What Hynek wrote forty-two years ago was correct then, and it remains correct now.

Paul Kimball


Greg Bishop said...

Good of you to remind us of this dichotomy which has been going on for over 50 years. Perhaps I was channeling Hynek on my recent post about "Love/Hate UFOs."

Paul Kimball said...

We talked about this the last time I was on Radio Misterioso, so perhaps that's how it seeped into your consciousness.