Saturday, September 09, 2006

Making Fields of Fear - Part I

For those who may be interested in how I make films - and in particular how I made Fields of Fear - I'll be running a short series of inside peeks at the "making of" the film over the next week, leading up to the premiere on Space: The Imagination Station next Friday, the 15th, at 10 pm EST.

I'm often asked the question - how much does the final film resemble the film as I envisioned it when you pitched it to a network, or when I was in the field shooting it? While the answer varies from project to project, it's safe to say that the finished version always looks somewhat different than the way I thought it would in the beginning. Fields of Fear was no exception.

Above you can see notes I made, while in St. Paul just over a year ago, halfway through the Alberta portion of the filming for Fields of Fear. They outline how I envisioned the first 10 minutes or so of the film at that time. If you read them, and then watch the film next Friday, I think you'll see that some of things I was thinking of doing back in 2005 remained more or less the same, but that the overall structure changed significantly, and things were added that I hadn't thought of back then.

I liken the process of making a film to the theory of evolution - all sorts of ideas are there at the beginning of the journey, but only the strongest survive until the end.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

No crudely drawn aliens in the margins? I'm disappointed, Paul.

Paul Kimball said...


Nope. Sorry.

On the other hand, you should see my criminal law textbook from first year law school - all sorts of Batman comics drawn all over the place! :-)