Friday, September 29, 2006

A. J. Gulyas on Mars (not literally, of course...)

A. J. Gulyas is a guy worth checking in on regularly. Here's his brief take on the "Mars thing":
Like many, at one time I thought that RCH was the be all and end all of the face on Mars debate which meant–to me, at least–that the whole thing was a bit of a joke. But after looking at the work of people like Stan McDaniel and Mac Tonnies, I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t something to these Mars anomalies. No, not mystical connections to Egypt and a Freemason-NASA-Old Navy-Jose Cuervo cabal of evil but rather the possibility that at sometime someone did inhabit Mars and that they left behind archeological artifacts that are worthy of study. At the very least, we should be heavily pursuing exploration of Mars because it’s Mars! Humanity must move forward or else we’ll stagnate. I want the frontier back, darnit!
He hits the nail straight on the head with those last two lines.

Paul Kimball

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