Thursday, September 14, 2006

Book of THoTH Interview

The folks at the Book of THoTh website have kindly run an article about the New Frontiers Symposium, and will be featuring a number of interviews they've conducted with the various speakers. The interview with me seems to be the first one up - you can find it here.

Here's an excerpt:

BoT: Who are your favourite researchers/writers?

PK: The late Karl Pflock was a friend of mine, and I admired his work and outlook. Brad Sparks is the best researcher of the UFO phenomenon over the past 25 years, hands down. He’s talked to more people, and dug out more material, than anyone else. Robert Todd was also an excellent researcher, although he ticked people off within ufology because he had an abrasive personality. Kevin Randle does good work, and has for years - he keeps an open mind, which is important. David Clarke and Andy Roberts in the United Kingdom have done excellent work over there in digging material out. Mac Tonnies is a bright young guy with a lot of interesting ideas, and a flair for writing. Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop. Stan Friedman for his sheer persistence, although I think he’s gotten some big things wrong over the years, particularly MJ-12. And, last but not least, Jim Moseley, because he’s always seen the humour in it all.

Keep an eye on the Book of THoTH website for other interviews in the coming days.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

I'd just read it before surfing over here. A very good interview!

Paul Kimball said...


Thanks. I look forward to reading yours.


Dustin said...

Mac's, Robert Zimmerman's and Nick Redfern's have all been posted by now. We're waiting on responses on the last couple, but we'll get them up before the conference hopefully. Thanks for taking a look!