Saturday, September 02, 2006

Do You Believe In Majic... on DVD

How odd - a film I have supposedly "repudiated" is now on sale from Tim Crawford's UFO TV, with all sorts of extras added on a second bonus disc! It must be... er, magic.

Of course, I never "repudiated" the film. I changed my mind about MJ-12. There is a difference.

The film is a good and fair representation of Stan Friedman's views about MJ-12, and gives his critics, most notably Karl Pflock, their kick at the can as well. The bonus materials, which I assembled last month, include extra interview segments with Nick Redfern, Karl Pflock, John Greenewald, and Rob Swiatek, as well as a 90 minute lecture by Stan in which he "critiques the MJ-12 critics", from the 2003 Aztec UFO Symposium.

You can purchase the two DVD special edition at UFO TV.

After I made the film, I did more research, and came to the conclusion that MJ-12 is fake (a conclusion shared, I might add, by the vast majority of UFO researchers), but watch the film, and the extras, and then do your own research, and judge for yourself.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Oooh! Hey, are you gonna have some of these on hand at the Symposium? I wanna buy this!

Paul Kimball said...


'Fraid not. That's what distributors are for - I've never been much for direct sales.

Stan may have a few with him, however. You would have to check with him.


Don Maor said...

Paul you should make a poll asking what do you think about majestic documents. It is not easy, because as stan says, only some document are real, the other being hoaxes.

I think Stan is right.