Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The JSC Oral History Project

One of the best resources on the Internet for anyone interested in first-hand accounts about humanity's exploration of space to date can be found at the JSC Oral History Project

JSC Oral History Project

Established in 1996, the goal of the NASA Johnson Space Center Oral History Project (JSC OHP) is to capture history from the individuals who first provided the country and the world with an avenue to space and the moon. Participants include managers, engineers, technicians, doctors, astronauts, and other employees of NASA and aerospace contractors who served in key roles during the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Shuttle programs.

These oral histories ensure that the words of these pioneers live on to tell future generations about the excitement and lessons of space exploration. Oral history interviews began in the summer of 1997, and since that time more than 200 individuals have participated in the project.

In conjunction with the NASA JSC Oral History Project, oral history sessions were conducted for the NASA Headquarters History Office: Administrators; NACA; Herstory; Aviatrix Pioneers; Ballistic Missile Development Pioneers.
You'll learn more from reading one paragraph of Frank Borman's interview (particularly the paragraph about his supposed UFO sighting, at p. 12-14) than you will from reading all of the stuff written in the past year about Project Serpo combined. It's the difference between fact and fiction, and between real heroes and the fake ones that somebody made up.

Paul Kimball

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