Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Prison of the Mind

Here is a very interesting and thought-provoking lecture by Dr. Hal Puthoff, a pioneer into research about remote viewing:

The more I think about remote viewing, the more I think that it might hold the key to understanding the "paranormal", in all of its facets. Not quite a "unified field theory" of the paranormal, but a starting point to a comprehension of what our relationship might be with it, and with the world (or worlds) around us.

An interesting side note, continuing my run of coincidences on my current trip to Los Angeles (I'm cat-sitting for Greg Bishop and his wife while they're in Europe). I had set up a meeting with Walter Bosley this past Sunday for 7 pm at the sprawling Farmer's Market here in Hollywood, but he was coming into town in the afternoon and wanted to meet earlier if possible. I was fine with that, but my traveling companion Christina Cuffari had arranged to meet a friend in Culver City at 11 am, and then to return to Hollywood and meet up with Walter and I at 2:30 pm at the Market, so I wanted to make sure that I was there by no later than 2:45 pm, as she doesn't really know the area, and I didn't want to leave her hanging there.

Well, 2:00 pm came and went, with no sign of Walter. I didn't have his cell phone number, and at 2:20 pm I decided I had to head off to the Market to meet Christina, so I sent Walter a Faceook message telling him what was up, and letting him know that I would wait for him at the Market until at least 3:30 pm. I then hustled over to the Market (a 15 minute walk), and settled in to wait for either Walter or Christina.

After about ten minutes, Christina showed up, and we grabbed a coffee and sat down. Another twenty minutes or so passed, and I was getting hungry, so I popped over to the Market Grill, one of the small eateries in the Market and ordered a hamburger and fries, which the clerk told me would take about five minutes to get ready. I looked around, didn't see Walter, and went back to the table and asked Christina if I could borrow her I-phone to check Facebook and see if Walter had responded to my earlier message. Being the good friend that she is, she said yes.

Now, as people who know me are aware, I don't carry a cell phone of any sort. Never have, and I'm in no hurry to start. As a result, anytime that I use one, and try to type on the "keyboards / pads" that they have, I tend to muck it up at least once, and often more than once. In this instance, whilst trying to enter my Facebook user name and password, I made mistakes twice in a row. The third time was the charm, but the service on the phone was really slow, so I told Christina that I was going to pop over to the Market Grill to grab my food, which I figured was ready. Just as I stood up and looked in the direction of the eatery, who should walk into the busy courtyard from the entrance besides the Market Grill but Walter!

After I had introduced Walter to Christina, and picked up my dinner, we all sat down and had a chat about the sequence of events that had to have happened for Walter to be entering the courtyard just as I stood up.


Surely... unless one keeps having them, at which point one starts to wonder, just a bit.

We have so little understanding of how the human mind really works, and the things of which it might really be capable if fully developed, or even if it were developed just a bit more beyond where it is now. Perhaps there is something to these "coincidences" that we just can't see, or understand. An entirely different world out there, beyond what we can imagine, much less access with our minds, at this stage in human development.



And yet we allow our education system to falter, and pay teachers a veritable pittance to even maintain the development that we have achieved, while we pay athletes and celebrities millions upon millions of dollars to "entertain" us.

We celebrate the perfection of the human body, whether in athletics or in the more nebulously subjective area of "beauty", but we are content to stand by (or in some case actually participate) as a Holocaust of the mind and spirit is taking place. We aren't moving forward; we aren't even standing still - we're moving backwards. If we really wanted to "reveal the goddess within", then it wouldn't be "J-Lo" getting paid a small fortune to sell us beauty products that we don't really need; it would be a teacher selling kids on why they should work hard and try to excel in school, and look to the future. Now that would be an ad worth running in between the pre-fab pop segments of something like American Idol. It might almost give such a show a useful purpose.

Franklin Roosevelt hit the proverbial nail on the head when he commented that "men are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds". Never has that been more true than it is today, when it should be the exact opposite, given our technology. But maybe that's the nature of the human condition - like the smart but lazy kid we all probably knew in high school, as a species we're happy to just coast through this life, getting by and doing okay, but in the end falling far short of our true potential (with a few notable exceptions that prove the rule, as I've noted previously).

Could just anyone access higher brain functions / power (for lack of a better term), and remote view, or perhaps receive communication from an advanced non-human intelligence? I think so. Although I suspect that as with everything else we do, some people are going to have a greater aptitude for it than others, we all have the potential to be so much more than we are - and therein lies the key to understanding everything, including what we now call the "paranormal".

But there is real danger for us here if we continue to develop technologically even as we fall behind as a society in actual knowledge and ability to think and develop (think Eloi and Morlocks) - the risk of a new and even more intractable class system, where a select few can afford the tools that would allow them to access greater "power" of the mind, while the rest of us are given a life sentence in a prison of the mind that we are building for ourselves, day by day.

The good news is that I believe it's not too late, and that we still have the "key" - if only we're willing to use it, before we lose it.

Paul Kimball


Juri Portby said...

unfortunately to my view, this subject has become a field for convenient speculations and scaring rumors.. no one, and I mean no one has yet put forward the real essence of RV..

Jack Sarfatti said...

Much is still classified. This is a very important video. Further info is in MIT Physics Professor David Kaiser's book "How The Hippies Saved Physics."

Note that my paper allegedly vetted by Roger Penrose explains the physical basis for remote viewing, i.e., signal nonlocality.

Francis of Assisi said...

To all interested I strongly recommend Ingo Swanns Everybodys Guide to Natural ESP - a "How to" guide to understanding and developing remote viewing capabilities we all posses. This book is "pure gold" kind of information from a godfather of remote viewing. Good luck, enjoy and keep your mind open.