Sunday, May 15, 2011

Speaking of Time Travel...

Speaking of time travel, it may or may not be one of the themes in the film The Grey Wall, which has just gone through development with my company and looks good for production later this year (or early 2012, depending on scheduling). Not to give too much away, but here is an excerpt that touches on the idea of time travel... sort of:
How long have I been here?

Lawrence sits down opposite him.

Ahh... an interesting question.

Lawrence pulls a small piece of paper from his pocket, and places it flat on the table in front of Sam.

LAWRENCE (cont’d)
You see time like this piece of paper, flat, with edges, and defined parameters. Past, present, and the future. From one edge of the paper to the other, with a distance that is clear.

Lawrence points at an edge of the paper, and then starts to draw an imaginary line between the two with his finger.

LAWRENCE (cont’d)
Here is what has happened...

He points to the center of the paper.

LAWRENCE (cont’d)
Here is that which is happening now...

He points to the opposite edge.

LAWRENCE (cont’d)
And here is what will happen. But what if...

He folds the paper in two, so that the opposite edges touch against each other.

LAWRENCE (cont’d)
... you could bridge the gaps.

He pauses, and then slowly crumples the paper in his palm.

LAWRENCE (cont’d)
What if there were no gaps at all...

He opens his hand, and the paper is gone.

LAWRENCE (cont’d)
... just a road, circling back on itself, like a wheel in motion. An eternal now - where what once was may not be what is, or what will be.
Does that answer your question?

I have no idea what you’re saying.

Lawrence pauses for a moment, and then smiles.

Proper thing.

Sam thinks for a moment.

Who are you?

Lawrence opens the palm of his other hand, to reveal the paper, which is folded once, and places it in front of Sam.

A friend.

Sam picks up the paper, and starts to unfold it. Written on the paper is a number...

What is this?

Some would call it a deus ex machina.
(pauses, smiles)
I’d call it an address.
We're casting now... but one role is already covered - that of co-lead "Sarah", which will be played by one of Canada's great young up-and-coming actresses, Christina Cuffari, who has also been with Doing Time since its first theatrical run here in Halifax back in 2007.

The Grey Wall will be out just in time for the 2012 apocalypse!

Paul Kimball

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