Sunday, May 15, 2011

Michael Persinger - No More Secrets

A fascinating lecture by Dr. Michael Persinger, in which he talks about remote viewing, shared consciousness, and other related subjects. Well worth watching.

Paul Kimball


Frank Stalter said...

I've had a little experience with remote viewing and while I will swear to any one it's a system for accessing our sixth sense and quite legitimate, like the other senses, it's highly limited and can play tricks on you.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Some fascinating extrapolations at the end, with relation to the abduction experience --how a very large electric field (like maybe the one generated by a UFO) would prevent a human brain's neurons to form the synaptic links to form a memory (ergo= amnesia). Maybe the 'missing time' is completely accidental on their part!

The idea of how a telepathic civilization would cause an end to all forms of government as we know them also raises interesting questions relating to these Others, who are almost universally considered to possess such abilities.

Unknown said...

Powerful knowledge. Definitely a follower of his work. The mechanisms behind telepathy is the same as the one behind teleportation. Any advancements in telepathy studies should be considered an advancement in teleportation technology because of a scienctific concept called entanglement.

Future work I'm working on, developing group ESP will take many years to develop, do to a dramatic lack of funding. perhaps a waiting period of 10 years or so. We have mastered the science of generating a telepathic episode between strangers. The next step is group ESP using a theatre, the most powerful medium besides television, to prepare society for the next step.

Imagine going to a concert and while everyone goes to the concert there are people in remote locations paired with researchers and teamed up with people inside the theatre or stadium. The independent variable is the same repetitive stimulus and the dependant variable are the correlated results using ??? as a tool of measurement.

You leave the show and everyone guess's where the participants are located at. All teh stimulus inside the show are represented hypothetically instantaneously in the recipiants brain. It's a new secret society that everyone is involved in.

This will prepare the population for macroscale ESP and will considerably advance society towards understanding teleportation technology.

Teleportation technology will allow us to extract helium 3 from the moon as a renewable source of energy crusted around the moon.

The pattens of this has been destroyed and the author, myself prosecuted. this work should attract mining giants. The title of my work is called "We choose to go to the moon" Like the Kennedy thing.