Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kevin Smith Show - tonight!

Just a reminder - I'm on the Kevin Smith Show tonight, 10 pm to Midnight EST.

Paul Kimball


Rick L. said...

Paul, We listened to you last night on the Kevin Smith show. Alot of what you said makes alot of sense, espeacially with UFO's not crashing at Roswell. I don't see how they could travel at great speeds and distances through stellar debri then crash as soon as they get to earth at the hands of humans. Also, like you said they are not from another dimension.And as far as our Government hiding Aliens, I don't think so. Sure, other life forms are visiting Earth but actual abductions are few and there are not as many as we are led to beleive. When I was a kid, 1955 or so, we used to see flying craft doing manuevers at great distances that were amazing, late at night when we used to sleep out in the apricot orchards. We never thought too much about it then, being kids we always had better stuff to do. I'd like to see some decent photos of Alien craft some day. Maybe I will after someone invents a decent camera.
We'll watch for you to be back on KSS. Thanks.

Paul Kimball said...

Hi Rick,

Glad you enjoyed the show. I definitely had a good time, and hopefully Kevin will have me back on someday.

To be clear, I have no real doubt that there is intelligent life elsewhere in our galaxy... and probably lots of it, some more advanced than us, and some less advanced than us. I don't rule out the possibility that at some point in our history, the more intelligent version might have made its way here.

Indeed, they might be here, in some form or another, right now. I just don't think that if they have come here, it was in spaceships that resemble what we envisioned in Jules Verne novels, and War of the Worlds.

I think it would be something far more exotic - alien! - and mysterious, at least to us.

The point I was trying to make, and maybe I succeeded, and maybe I didn't, is that by focusing on the belief in crashed flying saucers and all that goes with it (Roswellism, I've called it in the past), people have missed the real story, and the possibilities for contact someday with a non-human intelligence that it entails.

All the best,