Monday, April 04, 2011

UFOs = Holographs?

Rich Reynolds has raised an interesting idea at his blog UFO Iconoclasts which deserves wider consideration, not just because it may be related to the UFO phenomenon, but because it may relate to our very existence.

An excerpt:
Let us assume that what are seen in the skies, sometimes – not the mistaken Earthly aircraft or misperceived meteorological manifestations – may be images produced by computers, or computers themselves... What we're porposing here is that some UFO sightings may be virtual realities and some may actually involve computers (machines) of a quasi-tangible nature programmed to intersect and interact with humans.
You can read the full article (with a link to a thought-provoking second article) at UFOs: The Computer Model.

Paul Kimball


Kandinsky said...

1 - Extra-terrestrials
2 - Crypto-terrestrials
3 - Holograms
4 - Simulated reality
5 - Demons
6 - Secret tech
7 - Inter-dimensionals
8 - Spiritual protagonists
9 - Control systems
10 - Abnormal psychology
11 - Psychosocial/cultural
12 - Cultural
13 - Tricksters

Eeny meeny miney mo?

Red Pill Junkie said...

Haven't been here in a while, and I find myself with a treasure trove of fantastic blog postings that I'll have to read in the following days :)

The first time I read the idea that (some) UFOs might be holograms was in a book written in 1977, by Pedro Ferriz (the father of Mexican Ufology).

The word 'hologram' means that a single piece of the 'drawing' or image contains the entire information of the whole; but ever since the release of Star Wars we think of hologram as interchangeable with 'tri-dimensional projection'. It could very well be that UFOs are tridimensional projections of a multidimensional object —following the Flatland scenario that was studied by Mac Tonnies and others.

For my part, I've often wondered if UFOs and even the entities related to them might not be some form of 'Avatar', the way people use these cybernetic constructs (however crude and limited) to interact with one another in a simulated environment. So following that premise, maybe the simplistic shape of the so-called Gray aliens (and the robotic movements associated with them) are the result of the limitations of the Avatar used by a multidimensional entity trying to interact with us in our tridimensional world —which to them, might seems as a very small and quaint simulation, compared to their native level of reality.

Kandinsky said...

Good call. The idea that some UFOs are a form of avatar is the one that will surprise me the least if found to be true.

There's such a rich history of science-fiction pre-empting and inspiring science fact. It's maybe regrettable that the idea could be seen as deriving from the movie when authors like C.J. Cherryh and Iain M. Banks were there long ago. Cordwainer Smith and Philip K. Dick too if I remember rightly.