Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gesner to Smith: Flying Saucer photo!

As I make my way through the Wilbert Smith files, I've come across this envelope and enclosure from contactee Harry Gesner, with whom Smith maintained a very cordial correspondence in the 1950s.

My good friend Greg Bishop, an afficianado of all things related to the Contactees, will no doubt be amused. For my part, I look at it and think to myself that it was a simpler, and more charming, time period.

Paul Kimball


Kandinsky said...

The 'saucer' photo and your comments called to mind an episode from an English children's TV show from the 60s...The Clangers.

There's about as much innocence and realism in the Clangers as in much of the Contactee Movement. They are also friendly 'spacebrothers' minding their own business on the Moon!

If you watch just one video today, watch this one and smile at simpler times.

Greg said...

I've always liked that "teakettle" model of flying saucer. Where's the Testors kit for that one?