Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Trolls

What is the bizarre looking creature shown at left, you ask?

Well, he is one computer game's version of the mythical troll (Warcraft).

Alas, the Internet - and ufology, as represented on the Internet - are full of these pathetic, malevolent creatures.

What is an "Internet troll" (as opposed to the mythical version).

AOL offers a pretty good definition:

"An Internet "troll" is a person who delights in sowing discord on the Internet. He (and it is usually he) tries to start arguments and upset people.

Trolls see Internet communications services as convenient venues for their bizarre game. For some reason, they don't "get" that they are hurting real people. To them, other Internet users are not quite human but are a kind of digital abstraction. As a result, they feel no sorrow whatsoever for the pain they inflict. Indeed, the greater the suffering they cause, the greater their 'achievement' (as they see it). At the moment, the relative anonymity of the net allows trolls to flourish.

Trolls are utterly impervious to criticism (constructive or otherwise). You cannot negotiate with them; you cannot cause them to feel shame or compassion; you cannot reason with them. They cannot be made to feel remorse. For some reason, trolls do not feel they are bound by the rules of courtesy or social responsibility."

For more see: http://members.aol.com/intwg/trolls.htm

AOL's advice - avoid these creatures.

Good advice, if you happen to run across any trolls, either within ufology or without.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Hi Paul,

See the bit about digital blood-borne Warcraft viruses at PB. Weird stuff.

GunkMom said...

Totally agree with your comments about trolls....every experience I've ever had with these sad creatures though...has had me dealing with AOL..as they all seem to pic that as their IPS cause they know that they can get away with ANYTHING over there.
Great post.
Smiles Kira1