Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fields of Fear Production Stills, Vol. IV

Some more photos from our shoot in Puerto Rico, this time featuring the intrepid Nick "Montezuma" Redfern.

Here we see Nick with Commander Zorgrot.

Now, as regular readers of Zorgrot's blog might be aware, he and Nick have had a... "difficult" relationship since they first met in Aztec, New Mexico in 2003. Lately, however, they have patched things up - although Nick still insists on making fun of poor Zorgrot (Nick has expressed his best wishes that Zorgrot will be recovered safe and sound).

This photo was taken in El Yunque rainforest, at the top of an observation tower from which, in the words of The Who, one could see for "miles and miles." We did not, however, see any chupacabras.

Next we have Nick and ace soundman / 2nd camera operator (and a fine director in his own right) John Rosborough, filming in north-west Puerto Rico at a farm where there was allegedly a chupacabras attack that killed some poor little pigs (actually, they were pretty big, mean-looking pigs).

Mmm... bacon.

This was not too far from a former super secret military base (some of it is apparently still super secret) that somehow involves Vice-President Dick Cheney. Don't ask me how, it just does.

We did see black helicopters on a tarmac, if that means anything.

At least I think they were black. They may have been a darkish green.

Anyway, this was the day where Nick began to feel a bit ill, which just goes to show that one should never have the tuna-fish salad sandwich on a hot day in southern Puerto Rico.

By the end of the trip, Nick was more or less recovered, and was able to finally face off against the dastardly chupacabras, which, conveniently enough, had somehow managed to follow him to the lobby of the Condado Wyndham Hotel & Casino.

You can judge for yourselves who is scarier - Nick, or the chupie.

Alas, Nick had still not learned his lesson from the tuna fish salad sandwich episode, and was determined to sample more of the "local" cuisine.

Mmm... chupacabras...

Paul Kimball


fatrobot said...

when and where does this air?

Paul Kimball said...

Delivered to the broadcaster (Space) in November. It will probably premiere in the late winter or early spring, but that's up to them. It will then air 17 more times over 4 years.

I'll post a note when a broadcast date has been assigned.


fatrobot said...

when can i get my own pet chupacabra?

Paul Kimball said...

Anytime you want, M.R.!!