Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fields of Fear Production Stills, Vol. III

Some more photos from the exciting alien - chupacabras - government agents - predators hunting mission that was principal photography for the documentary Fields of Fear (which I'm currently editing).

In the first photo, above, a certain alien explorer and I get as close to a chupacabras as one can without having one's neck bitten (alas, why can't the chupies look like Lauren Hutton from Once Bitten??). This one is taken in El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico, proving that the commercialism of ufology can be found just about anywhere.

Next, director of photography Findlay Muir (he's the guy with the camera) and Canadian animal mutilation investigator Fern Belzil observe / film a Canadian gothic type location just north of St. Paul, Alberta. Alas, no aliens were seen at this - or any other - time.

Finally, here's yours truly actually doing some work in St. Paul. I'm pretty sure the camera was on! I was filming the town of St. Paul, in particular the Smitty's (for you Americans, a chain similar to IHOP), which features on its sign - yes, you guessed it - a glowing flying saucer! There's also a UFO pizza joint, the Galaxy motel (Findlay tells me that they serve a pretty good, if decidedly terrestrial, breakfast), and a rodeo. Of course, the rodeo has nothing to do with aliens, but it was a hoot anyway!

The great thing about the folks in St. Paul is that they happily admit that the alien landing pad (built in 1967) and the subsequent UFO-shaped Chamber of Commerce (early 1990s) were both done as publicity stunts, in order to boost tourism.

All things considered, it definitely beats the Giant Perogie statue in Glendon, which Paul Hellyer did not, so far as I know, show up to help open, as he did in 1967 for the landing pad - proving that a Canadian Liberal will do anything to try and find some votes in Alberta!

Paul Kimball

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