Monday, September 26, 2005

More Salla Silliness


The latest nonsense from Michael Salla (pictured, more or less, at left).

His original post can be found at: (note: all spelling and grammatical errors are from the original post):

"The whistlebllower data on ETs interested in preventing the destructive use of nuclear weapons is quite extensive. For example, Robert Salas, Robert Jacobs and Col Dedrickson from the Disclosure Project speak about incidents where ETs deactivate nuclear weapons, destroy missiles in flight, etc. Also, the advent of the UFO phenomenon in 1945 after the use of nuclear weapons and their proximity to facilities such as Roswell Army Air Field which had the world's first atomic weapons capacity suggests a very clear ET nuclear relationship. Also, I believe there is persuasive data that President Eisenhower met with a delegation of visiting ETs on February 20, 1954. I've presented the whistleblower data for this at: This alleged meeting took place nine days before the Bravo Test of the Hydrogen Bomb on March 1. Was this coincidence or the main reason for the meeting?

Was the relationship between ET visitations and nuclear weapons because the ETS are peaceloving or because the use of nuclear weapons interrupted the propulsion/navigation systems of ETs traveling in the vicinity or visiting the Earth? If the Earth is on a major trade route for ETs who travel through space/time/dimensions, using wormholes, etc., then it can be inferred they are interested in preventing the use of nuclear weapons since these damage their routes. This would be analogous to creating large potholes in a major interstate highway thereby disrupting interstate commerce, travel, etc. So it may be self-interest rather than purely compassion towards humanity that motivates their interest in preventing the use and proliferation of nuclear weapons.

I don't hold to the thesis that all the ETs visiting Earth are peaceloving, the data doesn't support that. The majority of ET civilizations, however, do appear to be interested in preventing the use of nuclear weapons and in raising human consciousness through a gradual process of UFO sightings, contacts, etc. It appears that such a motivation is not something the controllers of ET related information want the general public to be aware of."

Just when I was getting the Monday blahs, along comes the good Doctor Salla to brighten my day!

God forbid we should be putting nuclear pot-holes in the space-time continuum!

After all, we wouldn't want to get Kang and Kodos angry!

I'll have to get some of whatever Dr. Salla is "imbibing" for my next night out with my pals!

Paul Kimball


The Manager said...

Mr. Salla's invocation of "interstate commerce" (in his 'large potholes' analogy) gives an opening, however small, to the United States Congress to regulate any and all extra-terrestrial visitations (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution). Watch out, all you (American) federalists. As everyone knows, Congress has been a little hyperactive in meeting its responsibilities under Section 8. Ike's meeting with the ETs in 1954 was not nearly so dangerous.

Isn't the whole "detonation of nuclear weapons" theory to explain the nascence of ET visits a rather dated one? Look, I'm not a ufologist, but I first heard this discussed in the USA at least 25 years ago.

Paul Kimball said...


I think you're on to something with interstate commerce. Perhaps John Roberts et al will do something about that!

On your other point, just about everything you hear discussed in ufology today is old. Exopolitics, for example, of which Salla is a leading proponent, is just the 1950s contactee movement writ large, of which the anti-nuke stuff is a part of the canon (oh save us, benevolent space brothers).


Mac said...

Oh save us, Angelina Jolie!