Monday, July 18, 2005

The UFO Evidence vs. Exopolitics - Try This at Home

Anyone interested in the serious study of the UFO phenomenon must at least read, if not own, Dick Hall's The UFO Evidence, Volume I and II (Vol. II pictured below).

There is a great discussion underway at the moment at UFO Updates ( about an Exopolitics conference being held in Toronto in September (Stephen Bassett, Paola Harris, Richard Dolan and Stan Friedman are speaking). My Nova Scotia colleague, Eugene Frison, has been perhaps the most vocal person at Updates in talking about how much damage Exopolitics does to ufology. I would wade in, but my opinions on the subject are already fairly well know - exopolitics is New Age snake-oil contactee-ism for the 21st century - so I leave this particular debate at Updates to Eugene, and other like-minded, reasonable people.

However, if you are thinking to yourself, "gee, lighten up fellas - how much harm can exopolitics really do?" then I have a little exercise for you. It's one that I conducted a few months ago, when Michael Salla and I were debating exopolitical "methodology" over at Updates.

1. Find a copy of The UFO Evidence (your best bet is to buy it). I used Volume II, as it is more current, but Volume I will work just as well.

2. Make 5 copies of the chapter dealing with military sightings, on pp. 73 - 115.

3. Contact five friends with at least one university degree each, but who have no expressed interest or involvement in the study of the UFO phenomenon, and ask them to read pp. 73 - 115. Tell them that after they're done, you have a single question for them.

At the same time, contact 5 more friends, again, all with at least one university degree and no expressed interest or involvement in the study of the UFO phenomenon.

1. Send them an e-mail directing them to, Michael Salla's website.

2. Ask them to read "A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races - A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity," which can be found on Salla's site at Tell them that you have a question you want to ask them when they're done.

The question is the same for both groups:

"After reading the materials I sent along, what do you think of the UFO phenomenon, and would you be interested in learning more?"

As I said, I conducted this little survey a couple of months ago.

The results?

Of the UFO Evidence group, all five said they found it interesting, and eye-opening. Three asked for further references, which I provided.

Of the Exopolitics group, all five said they thought Dr. Salla was "out there" (I'm being politically correct here). None of them wanted further references - I sent each of them copies of pp. 73 -115 of the UFO Evidence anyway. All of them e-mailed or called me and asked me why I didn't send it to them in the first place! This time, two asked for further references, which I provided.

I urge everyone who is inclined to give exopolitics a free pass, or to say, "well, what harm can it do," to try this little exercise themselves, and, after the answers come in, ask yourself - "is exopolitics good or bad for Ufology?"

Paul Kimball


Dante Rosati said...


There you go again making "salability" your sole criteria for truth!

Here's a gedankenexperiment: make copies of The Sermon on the Mount and the works of Ghandi and give them to five Americans. Also give them an article on George W. and the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq through invasion and conquest. Then ask them if they would vote for Bush for reelection!

Guess what: the perfectly sane information in the Sermon on the Mount and Ghandi does not convince them to avoid the insane act of re-electing Bush!

So much for salability having anything to do with truth or justice!


pilot sightings of UFOs: very interesting and compelling evidence.

Expolitics: loony because of lack of critical thinking and gullibility.

Works of Vallee and the late John Mack: intellectually honest and compelling evidence of human/nonhuman interaction happening on a regualar basis to people from all walks of life and in all cultures, throughout recorded history.

Is there a "Federation of Planets" out there that we may or may not be allowed to join. Quite possibly, but so far just Sci-Fi.

Are there non-ordinary consciousnesses that are, and have been, communicating and interacting with humanity throughout all of recorded history? The evidence is undeniable.

What about this: perform your experiment except give the material to abductees. They may find the careful accounts of sightings a bit dull compared with what they know from first hand experience. They may or may not be interested in Exopolitics, depending on how developed their critical faculties are.

I'm not so interested in the "image of UFOlogy". People who are interested will be interested, sceptics will be sceptical, most people will go about their daily lives anyway. If I want to worry about something, I worry about the state of the world and the level of violence and duplicity in it. UFOlogy can do nothing to help this situation, Exoplitics can do nothing to hurt it, so I dont see why it matters to you if some poeple are interested in one or the other.

Paul Kimball said...


The evidence appears undeniable to you, in the same way that it is undeniable to "born again" Christians that Jesus is the son of God.

But that's belief, not proof.

The UFO phenomenon is one that we can solve, someday, if we use the right methodology, and are patient. But that requires resources. Resources require informed public interest. You will NEVER have informed public interest so long as you have things like Exopolitics out there.

But, as it doesn't matter to you, apparently, I suppose we can just agree to disagree.


Dante Rosati said...


I said the evidence for the existence of interaction was undeniable based on the work of Vallee. You consider his work "belief" and not science??


Kyle said...

Paul -

At any rate, your experiment is also a good way to determine a few things about ones friends... :)

And I like the term "salability" when referencing Salla...perhaps it should be Sallability", in the snake oil sense. Are our exopolitical friends just "Sallable"? *ROFL*