Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy 58th Birthday to the "Roswell Incident" - Part V

The one thing you notice in Roswell if you are a film crew is that the locals pretty much ignore you, which is great, because it means you can do your work with no hassles.

This comes, I have no doubt, from the fact that they've seen dozens - no, it must be hundreds by now - of film crews of varying sizes and nationalities wander through town since they hit the Big Time with the "Roswell Incident."

In this shot, DOP Findlay Muir and soundman John Rosborough get some B-roll for Stanton T. Friedman is Real.

When you approach folks - who are pretty much all friendly and accommodating - and ask them what they think of the "Roswell Incident," you get one of four answers:

1. Yes, it happened, and it was aliens;

2. Yes, it happened, but it was a government experiment of some sort;

3. No, it didn't happen;

4. I don't know whether it happened or didn't happen, and I don't care - It's all a bit ridiculous, and I wish we weren't known for just that!

If memory serves, I think #1 above was the most likely response, with #4 running a close second, at least back in 2001. Not everyone in Roswell we talked to was entirely comfortable with the cause of their fame.

Paul Kimball

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