Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy 58th Birthday to the "Roswell Incident" - Part II

Here's a photo of the "Father of Roswell" - and the Grand Marshal of this year's Roswell Festival parade - Stan Friedman, back in his pre-UFO days, when he was "just" a nuclear "dude" (as Homer J. Simpson would say).

I think Stan still has the typewriter!

Paul Kimball


Kyle said...

Geez -

Still looks a little wet behind the ears... :)

And it is a testament to a bygone era that Stan has the OPTION of still having the typewriter...and it probably still works.

I am glad that our current high-tech gear no longer looks like props from a 50s sci-fi movie.

My caption..."I repeat, Godzilla is heading for Tokyo...!!!".


Mac said...

Great photo. Is that a Net server he's working on? ;-)

Paul Kimball said...

Mac & Kyle:

The thing is that Stan is one of the few people I know who look better as they grow older.

And, yes, his typewriter still works - when he can find it in the mess that is his office (fully detailed in Stanton T. Friedman is Real).

He's one of a kind - and lest I be misinterpreted or misrepresented by a certain "ranter" out there, who has made a living of it as of late, I definitely mean that in a GOOD way!