Sunday, July 03, 2005

Happy 58th Birthday to the "Roswell Incident" - Part III

The infamous Zorgrot (who has been on an extended "survey mission" this past month or so) at the Crash Down Diner, Roswell, NM, a couple of years ago (exact date protected by a "Top Secret / Cosmic" clearance).

Z. liked the food, but was a bit dismayed by the commercialism that Roswell represents.

However, as he said to me after lunch, "I guess everyone on this little mudball's gotta make a living, right?"

Then he added, "Besides, you should see what we do on Malachor V. Whew..."


Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Oy... What's with that voluptuous "Gray" alien? Everyone knows they're sexless!

Paul Kimball said...


Personally, I prefer the Kim Basinger alien from "My Stepmother Was an Alien" - unfortunately, no such alien could exist. Any being dumb enough to find Dan Ackroyd attractive / amusing could NEVER pilot an interstellar spacecraft!