Sunday, June 05, 2005

Isaac Koi's "UFO Inquiry"

I have been remiss in not mentioning Isaac Koi's excellent new blog, UFO Inquiry, which can be found at

Isaac makes frequent contributions to UFO Updates, and is a recent - and welcome - addition to the UFO Blog Coalition (

He work is always reasoned and sensible, and he is extremely well read on the UFO phenomenon. His blog is certainly one worth keeping an eye on as a result.

Paul Kimball

P.S. The fact that he's a lawyer and from the United Kingdom also win him points with me!


Isaac Koi said...

Okay Paul, now you get that cheque that you've been after...

All the best,


RRRGroup said...

Isaac's a lawyer also??? Arghhhh!

Talk about alien infiltration!

Rich Reynolds (who's kidding)

Stoohoopid said...

Cheers to all.

I figured I should give my perception as to what my interpretation of the characters found on the surface of the drones and the documentation provided. After viewing the videos and pictures provided through youtube I noticed the behavior of the movements to be rather precise and intentional. These movements indicate the observation of angles and meridians that are being followed. For example, each legitimate crop circle bears a static signature. Obviously, we can not see them without instrumentation. Each spire on the craft indicates an angle of 22.5 45 , 90 and 180 degrees.

If you could imagine that you are above this craft looking down you would notice that there are different number of curved spires that are erect on the main portion of the craft. Each drone seems to have a different number of these as do measuring tools for architects. Various number of erected spires indicate scale measurements.

I used to work in a graphic arts company and there are similar tools used to focus on smaller print such as cross hairs. These for some reason indicate surveying instruments are their purpose.

I have posted a comment on one of the videos but I wanted to know what others' thoughts on my little discovery.

Each character represents a Quadrant of a sphere indicating an angle being measured. How they are positioned determine what calculations are being performed on the values being gathered.

The "Alien" documentation looks to me as if it a program full of calculations. If you could see a graphic representation of the contents on a hard drive these circles would represent files and folders. Each line going from different files and folders to other areas are basic links. But there is an interesting part to the program.

The bottom Right hand of the document shows four circles. Three attached to the fourth. The three have different lengths to them, each are connected to the nucleus diagram. Each represent a trajectory from the earth.

I hope I am wrong.

If by chance there is a better copy of the Program documentation out there....I want to see it. There is still code in the minute parts like micro fiche.
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