Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"Fields of Fear" Starts Filming in August 2005

With a UFO landing pad, the rural community of St. Paul, Alberta has become a focal point for Canadian reports of the unusual, the mysterious, and the downright terrifying.

In the middle of all this is Fern Belzil (pictured above), a local St. Paul rancher. A cattle specialist from an early age, Fern has taken part in shows of all kinds, and has won many awards over the years for his quality Hereford breeds. In short, the man knows his cattle. It’s this experience that has provided him with a unique insight into one of the most intriguing – and unexplained – paranormal mysteries of all…

Animal mutilations - the subject of our next documentary, Fields of Fear, which begins filming in mid August.

Often associated with alien abductions, government conspiracies or Satanic cult activity, the animal mutilation phenomenon has puzzled agricultural, biological and even ufological experts for decades. Largely viewed by the general public something that happens in the United States and Central America, the animal mutilation phenomenon has for years been ignored in Canada as someone else’s problem.

Not to Fern Belzil, however.

Several years ago, he was asked by a fellow rancher to check out a mutilation report. Since then, he has become Canada's leading investigator of the phenomenon, and has accumulated a large file of cases which clearly demonstrates that something strange has been happening north of the 49th Parallel!

Avoiding the sensationalism of some investigators, Fern employs a “Joe Friday” approach based on the facts. Some cases have been resolved as predator kills, or illness related. But there are still those that remain unsolved.

“You have to keep an open mind,” he says.

Among those lending their expertise in the search for the truth will be my good pal, author and investigator Nick Redfern (Strange Secrets; Three Men Seeking Monsters; Body Snatchers in the Desert), who will be with the crew on the American and Puerto Rican legs of the shoot as a consultant, as we try to place the events in western Canada in their broader context.

At the center of this remarkable tale, however, is the small town of St. Paul, Alberta, and the work and personal journey of one man - Fern Belzil, a straight shooter from the Canadian west who has found himself in the middle of a true story that is stranger than fiction, but as real as he is.

I'm looking forward to working with both Fern and Nick on this film - should be a lot of fun! The film is slated for delivery to Space: The Imagination Station in early November, and should premiere here in Canada some time early in 2006.

For more info on Fern, check out his website at

For more info on Fields of Fear, stay tuned to The Other Side of Truth!

Paul Kimball

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