Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Correction Re: Friedman, MJ-12 and FUFOR grant


In the post "MJ-12 - R.I.P." I referred to a FUFOR grant that Stan Friedman received for research to determine the authenticity of the MJ-12 documents in the amount of $32,000.

The actual amount was $16,000, composed of $8,000 raised by FUFOR and another $8,000 from a source that matched the FUFOR money.

As Stan notes:

"Paul: My grant was 16K. That was the amount I asked for in my proposal. Half of my 16K grant was from matching funds provided by the prince. I thought you might not have understood and thought the 16K was matched by another 16 K from somebody else. Not so.

That is indeed what happened. Sorry for the confusion - while the original post has been amended, I felt it was important to make the point in a separate post as well.

Always happy to acknowledge errors!

Paul Kimball

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Mac said...

"Always happy to acknowledge errors!"

Oh, if only that held true for more people...