Monday, June 27, 2005

Aztec 1948 artwork - Karl "The Sleuth" Pflock

This is one of the drawings by Halifax artist Jason Goodyear that did not make the film Aztec 1948 - it depicts Karl Pflock receiving a look-see at the mysterious "Silas Newton Diary" that is back in the ufological news with Nick Redfern's new Roswell book.

Somehow I doubt Karl's secret source was dressed in fedora and trenchcoat, but I did tell Jason to go with a noir style look, so we'll call it "artistic license."

Also, I'm still looking for the diner that has coffee cups with pictures of little aliens waving "hello" on them!

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Great cartoon. The alien mug is a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I would have assumed Pflock would have brought his own mug.