Thursday, August 03, 2017

Haunted Outtake - Cooper's Inn (Part I)

Here's a piece of trivia for you - I hate ghost investigation shows on TV. I've never made it all the way through an episode of any of them. I particularly loathe Ghost Adventures, but Ghost Hunters is almost as bad. I've only watched as much as I have to over the years in a professional capacity as a producer and director, in order to see what other shows in the ghost investigating genre look like, and how they are presented. Not so that I can copy them, mind you - rather, so I know what not to do.

It all seems so fake to me, because almost all of what you see is "action" (much of it, I am convinced, being faked, or at the very least highly exaggerated). That's not how it really works in "the field". A lot of time is actually spent sitting around, talking to your fellow investigators. I wish the ghost shows would give us more of this, and less of the staged "bumps in the night" stuff. 

I think this is critical because it helps the viewer understand the investigators more as people. As I'm convinced that if there is anything at all to the paranormal, it has as much to do with the people involved, their journey, and their personal interaction with whatever might be out there as it does anything else, then understanding the people, and who they really are (as much as that is possible in any television program), is vital to the overall story.
That's what we try to do on Haunted

We investigated Coopers Inn in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, in May 2017 for Haunted, and while the location won't be one of the places that makes it into the actual series (you always film more locations than you need), there were still some cool things that happened when we were there, both from an experience point of view but also from the personal point of view. 

Falling into the latter category is this seemingly good-natured exchange between myself and my fellow co-host Holly Stevens, which indicates that while everything seems fine on the surface, there is an edge developing between us, largely due to some of the things each of us did (or might have done) in relation to the other in the course of our previous investigations at other locations during the course of filming. 

It's all fun and games until someone summons a demon, or invites some entity to possess a co-host.

Paul Kimball

Haunted outtake - Cooper's Inn from Paul Kimball on Vimeo.

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