Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Haunted Extra, Vol. 1.01 - Queen's County Museum Revisited

We just finished the first episode of Haunted Extra, an ad hoc compilation of bonus materials for the series Haunted

In this episode, Dillon Garland and I discuss our trip to the travel to the 2017 East Coast Paraconference in Liverpool, NS, where we got the opportunity to re-visit the Queen's County Museum a few months after twe investigated it for the first season of Haunted.

Joined by paranormal researchers Ryan Sprague and Greg Bishop, we tried to replicate REM-Pod activity that they experienced at the Museum in April when I attempted to contact my old friend Mac Tonnies (who passed away in 2009).

The results were fascinating, and the video evidence we recorded at the Museum on 11 August 2017 is included here.

Paul Kimball

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