Thursday, June 04, 2015

RIP to Bruce Duensing

RIP to Bruce Duensing, a friend and fellow blogger, who has sadly passed away at the age of 64. He will be greatly missed, as will his thought-provoking contributions to the discourse about the paranormal, and many other subjects. I heartily recommend his appearance on Radio Misterioso with Greg Bishop a few months ago, which you can listen to here.

Here are his final written words, posted at his blog A Transit of Contingencies on May 22nd, in a piece titled The Voyages of the Dead:
In every fiction there is an element of truth and the same could be said by reading that statement in reverse order, and so this writer thinks on poetics as a series of observations that indirectly point to a reality not directly manifested in their sentences. 
The same may apply to us.
May he journey well to whatever lies beyond.

Paul Kimball


Steve Sawyer said...

I am deeply saddened by Bruce's passing. I had no idea he might be ill, and his house burned down only a couple of months ago. While his posts were convoluted and sometimes hard to fully comprehend, I enjoyed his take on exploring the UFO phenomenon and other areas of life.

I will miss him and his words.


Joel Crook said...

I liked Bruce.

He had a stentorian way with words and ideas that rumbled around. Sometimes flashing light in what might seem inexplicable and then sometimes his words were too deep and I missed their import.

Even if we were no longer on speaking terms due to a certain someone, I continued to listen and appreciate Bruce's commentary.

Rest well, friend who could not be my friend. May your memory be a blessing to your friends and family.

Kandinsky said...

It's not 'apocryphal' to say that I've long regarded him as one of the leading thinkers in this field. He was a 'balls out' thinker who didn't care too much about what others had to say about his ideas. I think the only thing that kept him in the shadows was his dense style of writing.

He reminded me of Aime Michel. Not so much in the way he expressed his ideas, but by being articulate, intellectual and on-the-fringe in a field that's often very conservative.

His writing was unapologetic and readers required a fairly decent background in the humanities to recognise his reference points. His taste in imagery, to illustrate his blogs, sometimes pissed me off. He had a knack for sourcing images that caught the attention and how he ever found them is anyone's guess. 'Pissed off' might be too strong; envious is the word that suits best.

I recall chiding RR for taking a pot-shot at him. But right now, I can't think of a public person who had such a long and friendly relationship with Bruce.

It's good that he's got his articles and Greg's interview for posterity. Hopefully, somebody will highlight his input and raise his profile as an honest and thoughtful contributor to 'the field.'

He was unique and I'll miss him.

Greg said...

Thank you for this, Paul.

Tom said...

Although I never met Bruce, I always appreciated the cerebral, almost poetic way he wrote about UAP's. What an incredibly cryptic title to his last post. Wish we had more of his caliber.

Loki said...

Pauldur -

I too mourn his passing.

I always waited to read Bruce's latest reasoned complexity over the last years, particularly whenever Rich Reynolds would sprinkle more fuel on the Roswell Slides/Bragaglia/Hacked Emails!/Mexico City by posting another tired confused egomaniacal credit-taking BIG STORY!!! by his trained monkey, AJB...

Also, Bruce reminds me of my Dad, Odin...

Atrueoriginall said...

Tears roll down

RIP Bruce

Loki said...

Schmitt, Dew, Carey, AJB vindicated!

Maussan Wins!

BeWitness II just announced:

Unknown said...

I am placing here what I just posted at Randle's blog as "memory-hole" insurance:



cda wrote: Re Tony Bragalia, yes you are right.
But who are you? And who is Isaac Koi, another mysterious person who uses an alias?

My dear sir, Kevin Randle previously announced on this very blog that Tony Bragalia (AJB) was joining the Roswell Dream Team, correct?

Later, Kevin Randle posted a number of passionate written pieces by selfsame AJB, supporting/defending his pertinent UFO-related hypotheses, correct?

[Here begins a short aside to explain what follows]

A History Lesson:
In the U.S.A., one of it's original founding documents guarantees something commonly referred to as "Freedom of Speech"
(We celebrate this in 3 solar days, BTW)

(As I recall, this was all in response to what was perceived at the time as interference from England in our honest, open exchange of ideas and opinions, VERY similar to the censorship that currently occurs at "Rich Reynolds" blog with massive deletions of whole blog-threads!)

My point:

AJB's real surname is Bragaglia ( (} , which in your worldview would require Kevin Randle to delete his own blog, correct?


Bragaglia's thoughts/statements are protected in the U.S.A. by it's founding documents.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident...."