Monday, August 10, 2015

Meeting Loren Coleman

Yours truly with Loren Coleman this past weekend at the 2015 East Coast Paranormal Conference in Liverpool, NS, where we were both speaking. Loren and I have been on-line chums for years, but we had never actually met in "meatspace" until a couple of days ago. The event itself was great fun - I'll write up a little review and some thoughts when time allows this week, particularly about my own paranormal adventure on a ghost investigation of the historic Astor Theatre - but meeting Loren after all these years was definitely a highlight!

Paul Kimball


Loren Coleman said...

It was highly textured meeting you, too, Paul. There was something uniquely appropriate about it happening in Nova Scotia, with Tim Binnall close at hand, and your uncle Stan so present there.

The one thing I am sorry about is that we jokingly decided to ham it up so much with those cross-armed photographs. They will now live on forever.

Be well.

Loki said...

...but, did not NS goodwill ambassadors Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles greet you with hearty handclasps?