Monday, June 01, 2015

UFO$, Inc. - Volume 3

Whitley Strieber. So much could be said about his role as a leading figure in UFO$, Inc. given that he's been at it for so long, creating and selling memes that have taken firm root in the broader popular culture, always without a shred of evidence to back it up, in increasingly outlandish scenarios. I think his work can best be summed up with his latest escapade, which is helping to keep the Roswell Slides Scam alive in conjunction with fellow UFO$, Inc. board members, including Linda Moulton Howe.

If you want something that will make your stomach turn and your head spin at the same time then have a listen to Strieber, Howe, and slides promoter Jaime Maussan on Strieber's program recently, as they try to resurrect the slides story. It's appalling and fascinating in equal measure. You can tune in for what Strieber calls "the most astonishing Dreamland I have ever done" here.

But like a very small-scale Bilderbergers-like group, UFO$, Inc members are always willing to work with their colleagues in order to allow everyone to profit.

Paul Kimball


Tom said...

Whitley Strieber promotes people whose work and ideas he can manipulate to promote himself. It is always be about promoting himself. If he thinks he can utilize someone and their claims, even though the material is fraudulent, he'll still promote it. The only people Whitley Strieber promotes are those who he can manipulate to promote himeself and whatever he is selling.

Also, I believe his "abduction" to be made up, whole cloth. Or, to be charitable, it was simply yet another case of sleep paralysis masquerading as an alien abduction.

Then again, Christopher Walken never portrayed me in a movie. So he's got that going for him.

Loki said...


I have managed to "obtain" a poor quality color slide actually taken in the supersecret UFO$, Inc. basement Adam Dew Memorial R&D Lab, during their years-long very successful analysis effort of the two 'Hilda Ray' 'Roswell mummmy' Kodachromes!

Now, while I must caution that since this color slide is of poor quality, and one cannot tell if the Delicate Genius analyst portrayed is Dr. Rudiak or Prof. Bragaglia, I remain confident that the high level of research captured can only be achieved under the sound scientific direction and mentoring of (almost!) (just needs to finish his dissertation!) (really!) Dr. Thomas Carey, PhD Anthropology (Almost!).

I have up until now been unable to accurately apply SmartDeblur to resolve what seems to be some sort of text captioning in this slide, so I am giving you this link to my 'Very Cool Drum Scam"(tm) of it in hopes that you could further my paradigm-shattering discovery!!! :

Thank you for your help.

Terry the Censor said...

MUFON investigator Mark O'Connell has a humourous summary of the podcast.

Christopher O'Brien said...

I couldn't agree more Paul!

SandyK9 said...

Terry, Thanks for sharing that ... hilarious!

George Kanakaris said...

Tin foil hat classic!

Unknown said...

While I don't disagree at all with your post Paul regarding Whitley's shortcomings I am sort of reminded about the saying of a riding tide lifts all boats.

Just like the Yankees need the Red Sox and the Dodgers need the Giants Maybe UFOlogy needs the Whitleys to keep UFOs from disappearing into the backwaters.

Other the other hand at least within the ufo community He's a known commodity and aside from the fact that pointing out his shortcomings is as satisfying as scratching that hard to reach itch it's only a temporary satisfaction as it will only itch again. Over the years you've gained a well deserved reputation for having a very pragmatic pov of the field of UFOs and I think that anyone that is drawn to your blog already has their mind made up about the Dreamland host.