Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dave Sadler - Hook, Line and Sinker

Dave Sadler filming an episode of Ghost Cases at the Bridestones, May 2009.
In this episode recorded on 12 February, 2011, I discuss a wide range of subjects with my good friend Dave Sadler, of the Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association in the United Kingdom, including the state of British UFO research (and Dave's views on some of its leading researchers), the decline of interest by the public in UFOs vis-a-vis ghosts and other topics within the paranormal, the question of UFO hoaxes, and why at least some of them may not be such a bad thing, and the Berwyn Mountain UFO case from 1974 in Wales. Oh, yes... and why Dave hates psychics... but sees them as useful from time to time.

You can find out more about Dave, his great work with the UPIA, and Phenomena Magazine at the UPIA Website.

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