Monday, February 21, 2011

James Carrion - A High Tolerance For Ambiguity

James Carrion is the former International Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). He left that position in 2010 amidst a swirl of controversy revolving around the organization's relationship with Robert Bigelow, a deal that Carrion was instrumental in setting up.

In this episode of The Other Side of Truth podcast, Carrion joins me to discuss his background, his work with MUFON, the Bigelow brouhaha, what he discovered about the famous Skinwalker Ranch case, and what he believes is the key relationship between UFO groups and the various intelligence agencies.

Paul Kimball


Kandinsky said...

Good interview and damn near typical of the subject matter's ability to be perpetually in conflict with itself.

JC casts doubts about the Skinwalker Ranch (that I share). Over on C2C, almost simultaneously, Col. John B. Alexander was supporting the Skinwalker accounts as the 'real deal' and 'beyond the pale.'

As you mention, 'circumstantially,' there's a case to be made that the Skinwalker account is less than accurate. Conversely, there appear to be credible witnesses willing to testify that the accounts were true.

As is forever the case, I guess it's one more in the long line of mistrials...thrown out.

Incidentally, the Dave Sadler interview was also good stuff, but I'm likely biased by living nearby.

Lance said...

Nice job, Paul! I found Mr. Carrion to be more reasonable than his awful blog post lead me to expect.

I still think he is mostly wrong.

By the way, the way things went down with the "Star" team and the (relatively) big money invested in their efforts is pretty much exactly what I would expect from any well-funded investigation into UFO's (something I know you think could be worthwhile).

I realize that a real scientific effort would have much higher quality minds involved but the problem as I see it is there is no real way to investigate the "phenomena". Even taking some of your favorite and most famous cases, I see little in the way of next steps to determining their secrets (or lack of same).