Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Peter Gersten interview - Part III

As the interview continues, Gersten talks about The Program and free will.

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

Pete Gersten is a nut who has had too much desert sun on his head. What a kook!

OM said...

"freewill" is not born with it but WIN it, that's what 'enlighten' all about, so to speak.

there are two kind of freewill:
one with the 5-sensory personality which identify with outside power(property, appearance, fame,any material-world-sought activity u name it), this kind of freewill connect w/lower mind hence IS PRE-PROGRAMMED = no freewill at all.

the other is choice(will) according to multi-sensory soul which identify with our more subtle, higher power, while against our strong personality intend simultaneously.
Make any sense to 'enlightened'? enlighten = let the light in = way to freewill.

Freewill is a prize not a gift.

Breaking one's personality intention(pre-programmed desire) to be a human of freewill, we need to cultivate our mind, yep, that simple. But not easy.