Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2007 Zorgy Award nominations now open!!

Nominations for the 2007 Zorgy Awards are now open (you can see the 2006 results here). You can send your nominations for any of the following categories to Rear Admiral Zorgrot (seen above with Canadian actor Kris Lee McBride at the San Diego Zoo) at

1. Best UFO / paranormal website [Magazine]

2. Best UFO / paranormalwebsite [forums]

3. Best UFO / paranormal website [news summary]

4. Best UFO / paranormal blog

5. Best UFO / paranormal radio show [non-Internet]

6. Best UFO / paranormal "Trouble-Maker"

7. Best UFO Podcast

8. Best UFO / paranormal publication (print)

9. Best UFO / paranormal research website

10. Best Ufologist

11. Best UFO documentary [released in 2007]

12. Best UFO conference

13. Best UFO book [released in 2007]

14. Top UFO story of 2007

15. Top Paranormal story of 2007

16. Best cryptozoologist

17. Best cryptozoology website

Nominations for The Pelicanist of the Year Award and The George Adamski Memorial Award will be determined by Zorgy and yours truly.

Nominations close November 10th - voting will commence soon thereafter, and run until December 31st. This year there will be statues for the winners, and an Internet broadcast awards ceremony!

Vox populi!

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

*Best UFO/Paranormal website: The Daily Grail

*Best UFO/Paranormal Blog: UFO Mystic

*Best Cryptozoology website: Cryptomundo

*Best Cryptozoologist: Loren Coleman

*Best Ufologist: Well, I nominate two here: Greg Bishop & Nick Redfern of UFO Mystic :-)

*Top UFO Story of 2007: CHAD Drones and all the CARET brouhaha

Anonymous said...

Oops! I know he delves with other things parnormal more than with UFOs, but I should also nominate for Best UFO/Paranormal blog Anthony North's Beyond the Blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Paul--just wondering, is it too late for me to nominate me and vote multiple times for myself in all available categories? No? Great! I'll let Wintermuse X9 and Dr. X know right away...heh. Snarf! Or, should I say, ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS HYPNOZORGY!!! 8^}