Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Prince Edward Island UFO case

I'm often referred to as a UFO investigator, which always makes me uncomfortable. Yes, I've done archival research, and yes, I've interviewed witnesses and experts for documentaries, so in a sense I suppose you could call me an investigator, but I'm not the guy who goes out in "the field" and starts an investigation from scratch.

With one exception, that I've kept under my hat so far.

A couple of years ago, I was told a story by some folks I know on Prince Edward Island, one of them a very nice and thoroughly honest lady in her late 80s at the time, and the other her son, who is in his 40s. Let's call them Mrs. X and Mr. Y.

One of my favourite UFO cases is the Vins-sur-Caramy case from France in 1957. Why? Because in many respects it mirrors exactly the story that these two people, who I know to be very credible, told me.

Mrs. X and other members of her family, including her husband, a civil servant of impeccable reputation who is, alas, deceased, saw an oval-shaped object descend down into their field one afternoon in the mid-1960s, which Mrs. X and her son, who related what he had been told by people who were there, described pretty much exactly the way the Vins-sur-Caramy witnesses described the object they saw in April, 1957.

The object seen by Mrs. X and other members of her family hovered over their field, perhaps a hundred yards away from their house, and then moved away at a high rate of speed (this part is a bit different from the Vins-sur-Caramy account). It had made what can only be described as a small crop circle in the field - my term for what Mrs. X described (she did not use this term to me, nor did her son).

Mr. Y said that this incident had a profound impact on their family over the years, which Mrs. X confirmed, as have others. Mrs. X, a religious woman, called it a "forerunner" - a sign from God that something was going to happen (indeed, someone they knew was killed in a car accident a couple of days later). But it's clear that what they saw was a UFO.

I have kept the details vague as to exact date, place and persons involved because I'm still looking into it. But when people ask me why UFOs interest me, one of the reasons is because of this story, which was told to me by credible people who did not want to talk about it until I pressed them. I need to stress - I heard about it second-hand, and then went to these folks to talk about it. They did not come to me.

At any rate, as more information becomes available, I'll post it here.

Paul Kimball


MKJessup said...

This really good post almost got lost between the music videos and the cheesecake, Paul. I hope you will follow up on the case and take that camera with you. That would be 30 minutes worth watching.


Anonymous said...

I found this while looking for information on an ocurrence that happened when I was a kid, I guess late 60's, of a ufo being chased by the mounties, in North River !

Anonymous said...

We went to PEI back in 2008 for a wedding, we were staying in my boyfriend's uncle’s trailer (it had not been lived in for about a year or so, hence why we were staying in it) on county line rd in emarld, and it was July, about 1am, moon bright and clear, an amazingly clear sky, stars as far as you could see, but one star, caught our eye. we were on the front deck, (the home was facing to road, and across was a home off to the left and a huge field. way back in the field, (not sure how far, but a distance back) a line of trees sat. this star was moving slowly across the sky, away from the trailer, towards the tree line. It was high but seemed low at the same time, if that makes any sense, it slowly moved across the sky towards the trees, and once it was over the trees, it stopped, hovered for a few seconds, and then dropped something into the trees. What It dropped was bright and half the size of what we thought was star but was not apparently not a star and disappeared into the trees didn’t light them up just fell and disappeared in the trees. I myself a little creeped out, went to bed, but my B/F stayed up, (he told me the next day) about an hour after I went to bed that night, a fog came across the field, was about 1 foot thick over the ground, moved slowly over the field and then stopped at the ditch, he said that it didn’t have any movement, there was no wind, no noise, nothing, just this fog moving over the field and stopping at the ditch on the opposite side of the road. He could still see the house across the road, and the fog didn't seem to have touched the house. We left the next day.

Anonymous said...

Mirrors exactly? Not really, except maybe the location. The object spotted in Vins-sur-Caramy in 1957 was a cone shaped object with antenna's that hovered above the road and had an physical effect on the metallic road sign close to the craft which was violently shaking. Quite different from what your "friends" have seen.