Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Best Evidence - Canadian premiere

Best Evidence will premiere on Space: The Imagination Station on May 10th, at 10 pm AST / 9 pm EST. You can see the listing here.

The accompanying blurb reads as follows:
Best Evidence

Whether they believe or not, people all over the world are fascinated by the subject of UFOs. Best Evidence, a SPACE supported documentary, looks at the 10 best UFO cases to date. Many are unknown to the general public, who for years have been fed tales of crashed flying saucers and government cover-ups at the expense of real evidence that shows that there is something unexplained happening in the sky.
Warning: There are no crazy aliens in the film, and no goofy backdrops to interviewees, or anything like that. In fact, to the best of my recollection, aliens aren't mentioned once, at least not directly. There is animation, but it's of the Discovery-channel variety, i.e. serious, and not of the Plan 9 From Outer Space variety, i.e. not serious.

As some UFO researchers are busy these days bashing UFO documentaries and networks and producers at UFO Updates, I'd like to take a moment to thank the good folks at Space for giving me the opportunity to try something a bit different - a serious film about serious UFO cases. It's a risk for them, and they deserve all the credit in the world (and beyond) for taking it, especially Charlotte Engel, who heads up their independent production section, and greenlit the film over two years ago.

The next UFO-related film I make, assuming I ever make another, which is at best a 50 / 50 proposition, would probably focus on the tongue-in-cheek, weird and wacky world of ufology (where truth really is stranger than fiction). Something where I head out with my pals Nick Redfern, Mac Tonnies, Tim Binnall and Greg Bishop on a ufoological road trip across America maybe - definitely in an RV. Kris Lee Mcbride will be tagging along as well. At the end we meet the Court Jester of Ufoology, the one and only Jim Moseley. I've earned the right to look at the lighter side of it all.

But for the moment, I'm Mr. Serious, and if Best Evidence isn't quite Dick Hall's The UFO Evidence (and I never claimed it would be, knowing full well that no documentary can match a book for detail), Dick was still smart enough to see the merit in the project, and contribute, as were a lot of others.

And unlike Peter Jennings and his team, I was smart enough to recognize the contribution that Dick has and continues to make - he's in the film, along with Nick Pope, Stan Friedman, Bruce Maccabee, Mac Tonnies, Don Ledger, and our chief consultant and my good friend, Brad Sparks - as well as witnesses Colonel Charles Halt, Captain Robert Salas, and Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Bailey.

Is it the greatest film ever made? Hardly - that would be Lust for a Vampire.* But is it a film you're going to want to see?

I hope so.

You can keep an eye on developments at the Best Evidence blog site.

Paul Kimball

* Just kidding. The greatest film ever made is clearly Dying Fall.**

** Still kidding. Obviously, it's Do You Believe in Majic?***

*** Okay, okay... I'll be serious this time. The greatest film ever made was...


binnall said...

A RV powered Ufoological road trip ? I'm in.

Nice to see Space put the info up. Ironically right after I was asking you about that.

Also, clearly the best film ever made was "Bring It On".

Katie said...

So, it's finally happening. YAY! and Congratulations!

To bad out of all the channels I get, Space isn't one of them. But this will eventually be out on DVD, right?

Mac said...

I've said it before but I'll say it again: I can't wait to see this, having endured *way* too much sensationalistic drek.

That RV will have an espresso machine, right?

Paul Kimball said...

A "what" machine? Is that some kind of coffee maker or something?

It will have a cooler full of beer and vodka coolers. You'll have to make do. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Best Evidence, Paul! (wink, wink...nudge, nudge) I haven't said that about a UFO documentary since...well, ever basically.