Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Best Evidence - The Blog

I've set up a blog for information and other material about Best Evidence. I'll still be posting some information about the film here, but more in depth material will now be found over at the new blog, which is located here.

Paul Kimball

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Unknown said...

Hey Paul!

Congratulations on getting this out. (I have some idea how much work a project like this is.)

I’ll have to look around for it on the Imperial Television Network. You know--I have never watched one of your finished pieces yet. Only the excerpts that happen to be on YourTube or whatever. (Not being a big TV aficionado has something to do with this.)

I’m looking forward to actually viewing something I’ve only experienced through reputation and second hand info. I’ll even sit through the commercials! “That’s a huge complement coming from me.” ; )