Monday, December 11, 2006

Stan Friedman on Philip J. Corso

Part 2 of Stan's comments about frauds in ufology - the first one he highlighted was Bob Lazar, and here he talks about the second, Philip Corso, author of The Day After Roswell.

Now, if only Stan would apply this same steady logic to the MJ-12 documents, or Wilbert Smith. Still, where Lazar and Corso are concerned, he hits the nail square on the head.

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

There is another angle to this, Paul. Potentially, at least. Corso was very well acquainted with Major General Charles Willoughby, head of the Intelligence Department of the Allied Forces HQ under MacArthur.
Willoughby coordinated an operation to ensure that the US benefited from the interrogation of the Japanese Unit 731 people.
There is a lot of material at the National Archives on MacArthur and 731.
I had an email some time ago from some geezer in Austrlia who has researched 731 extensively, and Willoughby too, and who is intrigued by Corso's ties to Roswell, that he was friends with Willoughby, and that he came out with a pro-UFO book on Roswell.
The guy is apparently writing a paper on the Willoughby-Corso ties for some mag in Australia, so we'll see how it all develops in time.

Mac said...


Corso promoting the ETH as disinfo to draw attentionn from 731? I hadn't thought of that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Corso and Willoughby went back a long way.

Anonymous said...

You've written about this before. Don't you think it proves that Corso had all the necessary connections?


>It is a reasonable inference to draw that Corso therefore knew
>of the activities of Unit 731, through Wolloughby, and might
>also therefore have been aware of what happened at Roswell,
>according to Nick's theory at least.

You are correct. Major General Charles A. Willoughby and Col. Corso were friends and worked together on right-wing agendas. Corso was a true believer and I've always disagreed with his politics; but Willoughby was a very powerful person and part of the proof that
Corso had friends in high places.

The primary reason researchers doubt Corso is their inability to understand just how deep his connections really were.


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree that Corso had deep connections.
I merely find it intriguing that in the same way that Roswell player Lincoln La Paz was a leading investigator of Fugo Balloons for the Government, and Melvin Brown saw bodies that could have "passed for Chinese," that Corso was also immersed in Roswell and had a close friend deeply linked with the Unit 731 saga.