Friday, December 22, 2006

Moving Forward

A must-read column from Mac Tonnies.

Here's an excerpt:

While its luminaries might noisily claim otherwise, ufology collectively wants to be marginal. With the lamentable exception of a few spokesmen who feel the need to "explain" the phenomenon's intricacies to a wary public (often in the guise of would-be political discourse), the ostensible UFO community remains afraid of stepping into the rude glow of widespread public attention. And it has a right to be be afraid. Having dotingly constructed a theoretical house of straw, many ufological proponents secretly prefer the tenuous commaraderie of their peers to the much more exciting prospect of being taken seriously by science.

2007 is going to be an interesting year.

I predict people like Mac, Nick Redfern, and Greg Bishop (Nick and Greg at their excellent new site, UFO Mystic) are going to begin a long overdue redefinition of the study of the UFO phenomenon, and in the process bring the subject to a wider and more mainstream audience.

I won't agree with everything they say, or write, but I applaud the effort.

Paul Kimball

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